Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • The growing awareness of the importance of “the customer” has resulted in dramatic changes to organization and marketing, with more emphasis being placed on customer satisfaction and retention on the one hand and the marketing of supplemental products and services on the other hand. Those businesses that successfully implement a “customer-centric” CRM strategy will have a significant advantage over the competition;
  • Skelmore recognizes that CRM investments in the automotive industry will be a source of frustration and disappointment if not fully adapted to the fundamental business issues of the industry;
  • One of the primary reasons for introducing Kerridge Automotive Systems in the Middle East was to exploit its potential for CRM module and BDC;
  • Skelmore has acquired CRM competency founded on highly successful practices that have been applied in North America.  This competency, when combined with our insights into the Middle East automotive industry, constitutes a unique capability that is readily available to Skelmore clients.  For some CRM applications in regards to marketing, Skelmore works with leading marketing companies in the GCC;
  • We understand not only the industry specific potential benefits to be gained from CRM but also the pitfalls that must be avoided in order to maximize the investments in what will become an increasingly important focus factor for success;
  • For the Middle East automotive industry, Skelmore supports clients with end-to-end capabilities across the areas of customer interaction centers, customer intelligence, and fulfilment and distribution services. Our emphasis is on practical solutions with a series of short-term client benefits, validated by Return on Investment.   We can provide a full range of CRM services from management consulting and systems integration to ongoing business process management and outsourcing;
  • The biggest challenge as a consultancy company in supporting CRM is the reluctance of distributors in the region to give an outside party access to their database.