Fixed Operations

Skelmore considers Fixed Operations as the backbone of automotive distributorships.  The team believes that no distributor can achieve its desired financial and marketing objectives without having successful Fixed Operations divisions.

  • Skelmore is the regional leader in establishing BDCs and Call Centers in order to improve service bookings and CS;
  • Our assignments in Fixed Operations have been primarily focused on improving operations of major automotive distributors in the GCC and with OEMs. Historically, distributors in the Middle East have lost money in Fixed Operations. Thus, Fixed Operations provides a major opportunity for profit and CS;
  • Recently, Skelmore has supported Kerridge Automotive System users in regards to implementation for  Fixed Operations in order to optimize the results;
  • Skelmore was responsible for bringing Kerridge Automotive System to the Middle East in order to establish a world class automotive integrated system which is now standardized across all BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen/ Audi/ Porsche;
  • Skelmore’s team has conceived and implemented the restructure of numerous Service and Parts operations throughout the Middle East for various distributor networks – representing a range of vehicle brands;
  • Essential to the success of any Fixed Operation is manpower.  Skelmore has exhibited capacity to recruit qualified management, staff and technicians through its regional and international recruitment networks to provide the necessary skill-sets to make Fixed Operations successful.